Request Credit bureau information free of charge and have incorrect entries deleted

The Protection Association for General Loan Protection sees itself as a collection point for data that is passed on to you by its contractual partners. Banks, mail order, department stores, telecommunications companies and car dealerships are among them. You have the option of receiving so-called A information as well as B information about a consumer. […]

Credit and loan – how do they differ?

  What is the difference between a credit and a loan? Granting conditions, average cost, repayment length, and credit standing and credit history requirements. It is easier to get a loan for any purpose, but the loan can be cheaper.   What is a credit? What is a loan? The main difference To know the […]

What are student loans?

A student loan is a product unrelated to the preferential loan granted on the terms established by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Student loans have a low interest rate and may be partially canceled. These features do not have a student loan.   Student loan – features and rules of awarding A student […]